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Take one of the oldest, most historic half-timbered buildings in Shrewsbury. Give it a beautiful zinc bar bathed in ever changing colours and add a conservatory with elegant chandeliers, framed by stunning iron birdcages. Then combine it with an exquisite oak framed restaurant and a luxurious private dining room. Finally, top it off with a big vaulted function room with some of the best acoustics in town, playing some of the best acts around…

Whether meeting with friends for a drink or joining with work colleagues for lunch. Bringing family and friends together for a celebration or being part of a special occasion: Welcome to Henry Tudor House!

We have a selection of tables available to book online.
For any bookings larger than 6 people please call the restaurant on 01743 361666.

on the way to bosworth

Historic buildings don’t come much older. Built in the early 1400s and originally a collection of shops, houses and a brewing inn, its been known by various names – the Old Lion Tap, the Trotting Horse, but we have adopted one of the oldest, Henry Tudor House.

HTH was already over 50 years old when Henry Tudor (aka Henry VII) sought refuge here on his way to the Battle of Bosworth, where his army killed King Richard III ending the Plantagenet dynasty and claiming the throne for the Tudors, in fact he was crowned on the battlefield.

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