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a deep love of food

We love to celebrate food in all its many traditions. Hearty stews, delicate souffles, creamy risottos, perfectly seared steaks – we celebrate flavour, quality, authenticity and culinary innovation – and to be honest, our Executive Chef Chris Conde is a bit of a stickler for detail!

We believe wholeheartedly in engaging with nature, cherishing the rich and varied bounty that each season brings. We aim to blend three ingredients – guests, produce and ambiance – and make them shine. And if there’s something you’d like to see on our menu, let us know – we love a challenge!

Exec Chef Chris Conde

The kitchen, led by Exec Chef Chris Conde, a Masterchef quarter-finalist, taps into the rich bounty of Shropshire’s best local producers, following the flow of the seasons to put what’s best at any given moment right in front of you. The hearty and familiar is on offer, but so are the modern touches and flavour combinations that make meals worth lingering over.

Head Chef Dan Smith

Trained in Birmingham and having held a number of senior positions in well known Shropshire kitchens, Dan brings a wealth of talent and experience to the HTH kitchen. Dan likes to empower his teams to create menus that take full advantage of local produce whilst adding the usual HTH twist to British classics.
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